The Contest: A New Leader Emerges

Trailhead reader Mark Lyons has taken the lead in the PrimaryPool contest, notching nine of the 12 possible points over the weekend to bring his total to25 points out of a possible 33. Mark was one of eight contestants to guess thefirst-, second-, and third-place winners in the South Carolina Republicanprimary.

This week’s honorable mention goes to Quintus Jett, the onlycontestant to correctly guess the results of the NevadaRepublican caucuses , in which Ron Paul finished second to Mitt Romney,ahead of John McCain in third place.

Also, Trailhead owes an apology to Jeremy Naylor, whoseoriginal submission was not included in our pool due to a formatting error. Afterthe Michiganprimaries, Naylor had earned 18 points, which put him in the lead over two contestantswho each had 17 . Naylor now has 22 points.