Sunny Fred Thompson

Always count on Fred Thompson to put a positive spin on things. Especially election losses. This statement just went out:

Tonight’s results, with no clear frontrunner, prove the GOP nomination is wide open. The next battlefield is South Carolina, where voters are far more conservative than in New Hampshire and deeply concerned about illegal immigration in America. Fred Thompson is uniquely positioned for victory in the Southern states. He is the only true conservative with a plan to end illegal immigration and protect our sovereignty.

He’s right until the third sentence. Sure, the race is as wide open as ever. Romney has failed to snag either of his
make-or-break states. But that doesn’t mean Thompson is the one who benefits so much as Giuliani does. While we’ve all been drooling over Huckabee and McCain, Rudy has been hiding in the grass, getting a big head start on the Feb. 5 states. Unless McCain makes a clean sweep of the other early states, Giuliani has as good a chance as anyone to take the nomination. Thompson, on the other hand, is still third in South Carolina, his best state, and he doesn’t poll in the top four nationwide. He might be “uniquely positioned,” but it’s not for victory.