South Carolina: The Exit Polls

The juicy bits from CNN’s exit polls :

  • Obama’s victory margin over Clinton steadily declines as the voters get older. Obama beats Clinton by 45 percentage points among 18-29 year olds, 2 percentage points among voters 60 and older. Among blacks, though, Obama’s numbers hold strong across all ages. Edwards’ results get better as the voters get older, as well.
  • 14 percent of all voters were nonblack 18-44 year olds; 33 percent were over the age of 45. The younger nonblack voters favored Obama. It seems Clinton continues to have problems connecting with youth, no matter their race.
  • Nearly one-fifth of Clinton supporters think Obama is the Democrat who can best beat the Republican nominee. Only 4 percent of Obama voters think Clinton is best able to beat the GOP nominee.
  • The male-female ratio in this primary is greater than any other this cycle: 61 percent of females voted, 39 percent of males. Obama led evenly across both sexes.
  • Nearly six in 10 voters thought it was important that Bill Clinton was campaigning. Those voters were more likely to support Obama than Clinton.
  • Edwards pulled down as much support among the white community as Clinton, and beat her among white males.

Our usual disclaimer applies. These are exit polls, not actual results.