Sex and the City Totally Called It For Hillary

Now that Hillary won despite (because of?) her emotional moment yesterday, it seems an okay time to point out that last night, TBS ran the Sex in the City episode about … women crying at work!

The scene: Samantha and her three best friends are sitting at dinner discusing the workplace (rough transcript):

[Unknown]: Emotional is just code for, “I don’t want to hire this woman.”
Miranda: Exactly. They’re that way at my firm, too. Think you’re gonna cry overa legal brief.
[Unknown]: Have you cried over a brief?
Miranda: Yes, but only in the privacy of my office.
Charlotte: I cried once at the gallery, once, in10 years… and from that day on it was, ”Careful, don’t make Charlotte cry.”
Samantha: I have never cried at work.
Carrie: I fake cried to my editor when I missed a deadline. I told him I washaving a bad time at home, but really…I was having a good time in the Hamptons.
[Unknown]: That makes the rest of us look bad.
Carrie: Boo hoo. it was 80 degrees and sunny.
[Unknown]: A guy gets angry in a meeting, he’s a pistol, a woman, she’s emotional.

At the end of the episode, Samantha gets turned down for a job, accuses the guy who didn’t hire her of being sexist, and leaves in a huff telling herself “Don’tcrydon’tcrydon’tcry.” He then chases after her and changes his mind: “That took balls,” he says. Hence the episode’s title, “Belles of the Balls.”

Coincidence? That, or Hillary has friends in high places … like TBS.