Overheard in the Des Moines Airport

A guy who looks like he’s with a Canadian TV network is talking on the phone to a colleague in New Hampshire:

“Be good to Obama’s people. The advance people. I think we’re in for the long haul with them. Maintain that.”

The Canadian press has spoken. Meanwhile, three high school girls volunteering for the Obama campaign are talking about seeing Scarlett Johansson, who had been stumping for Obama:

“I’d seen a girl from Mississippi who looked just like Scarlett Johansson – same hair, same make-up. The next day in the office, I went up to her and was like, ‘Omigod you look just like Scarlett Johanssan.’ And she was like, ‘That’s because I am Scarlett Johansson.’ ”

In other news, I hear the entire Grinnell basketball team showed up to see Johansson speak at a local pizza parlor. Including the coach.