O Come, All Ye Youthful

Word on the pollster street is that Hillary’s New Hampshire victory owed to larger turnout than expected among women and, in part, lower turnout than expected among young people. The legions of fresh-faced youth who crowned Obama in Iowa decided to sleep in this time. New Hampshire voters also credit her willingness to answer questions at her rallies.

Now she’s combining those two strategies. A new video, ” Ask Hillary ” (not to be confused with ” Ask John ” or ” Ask Mitt Anything “), shows the New York senator answering questions asked by young people using the Ask Hillary Facebook tool. We also see lots of Chelsea and other women in their twenties—a connection Obama can’t match.

The video lets Hillary hit her usual talking points while also showcasing her appeal to people other than retirees. The last question is about how to persuade friends who love Obama to vote for Hillary. She responds, “There’s a big difference between talking and doing, rhetoric and reality. … I have the experience that will make that change real.”

This is the message that, in a mere five days, helped her win New Hampshire (along with her Diner Sob, of course). But now she’s not just the change candidate; she’s also the youth candidate. Maybe she and Obama would make good running mates after all.