Mitt Romney’s Prank Calls

Mitt Romney knows you might be having a tough time convincing your friends to vote for him. So, to help, he’s making his pre-recorded voice available 24-7.

A delightfully fun link on Mitt Romney’s home page gives you the long-awaited chance to have Mitt Romney prank call your friends. Fill in some names, contact info, and which Republican issue matters most to your friend, and voil à ! Romney in your ear. (Just hope Romney has pre-recorded your name. Romney was willing to say Chad, but not Chadwick.) It’s an episode of Crank Yankers gone horribly wrong.

Also an option: If you donate 25 bucks to Romney’s campaign, he’ll record your voicemail greeting for you. I never thought I’d have the opportunity to make two Carl Kasell jokes in the same week.