Live Caucus: The Results

GRINNELL, Iowa—It’s Obama. He got 21 delegates, Edwards got 10, and Biden got six with help from Dodd and Richardson supporters.

“The caucus is not over yet,” caucus chair Don Smith reminds the crowd, even as everyone starts putting on their jackets. There are delegates to allocate! Names to ratify! Policy positions to write! Still, he just phoned in the results.

Hillary’s people are disappointed, and surprised. Her precinct captain, Teresa McCall, predicted the senator would get 10 delegates. But a campaign intern, Arianna Barusch, points out the campus wasn’t too hot on Hillary in the first place. Keep in mind that the famous Hillary “plant” was a Grinnell student. After that, Hillary decided not to come speak on campus, which sealed her fate.

So, it’s Obama here and, from what Wolf Blitzer is telling me, everywhere else, too.