Live Caucus: The Long Shots

GRINNELL, Iowa—I swing by the groups caucusing for Biden and Richardson. A lonely female Biden supporter is looking for a sticker. “Do you guys have any stickers?” “I have a button,” says an old lady.

One Biden fan, Vera Cousins, says she doesn’t know who her second choice is. “It was going to be Chris Dodd, but he’s even lower.” Edwards or Obama will have to do, she says.

The Richardson folks say they expect to be viable in the second round, once supporters have gone to their second choices. A Obama supporter and Grinnell student, Greg Swanson, drifts over to chat with his Richardson-loving friends. I ask if they can stay friends after this. “We’re all Democrats here,” he says. “I saw an Edwards supporter sitting with his wife at the Hillary table.” I ask Swanson if the NRA hat he’s wearing is meant to be ironic. “Yes, it is,” he says.