Live Caucus: The Deal

GRINNELL, Iowa—So, Hillary isn’t viable. Neither is Biden, Richardson, or Dodd. You know what that means: deal-making time.

Biden’s people break off to discuss merging with other groups. If they decide to form a big “uncommitted” delegation of 73 or more people, they can then allocate their 10 or so delegates to each candidate proportionally. One Hillary supporter (and husband of her precinct captain) named Brad McCall asks Biden’s point person how many delegates they would give Hillary if Team Hillary joined them. The answer: none. Hillary’s people say eff that and bounce.

As they’re leaving, a lurking Edwards precinct captain pounces. He offers them one delegate in return for their support. Hillary’s people seem interested, but ultimately decide not to join them. Same thing happens when Obama’s people offer them five delegates in return for their support. Hillary’s people reject that, too. McCall explained the reason: Even though it would get Hillary more votes at the state convention this summer, it would give Obama momentum tonight . Better to have no delegates in June than to help Obama rocket through the early states.