Live Caucus: Kids Rock

GRINNELL, Iowa—A gaggle of kids is hovering over a table covered in snack food. The spread was set up by Hillary supporters but has since been abandoned.

“This is the beauty of politics,” says Griffin, 10, shoving an open bag of Doritos in my face. “Free chips.” I notice he’s wearing an Obama sticker and ask him if he should really be stealing Hillary’s chips. “She’s not viable anyway,” says a lady standing nearby.

A boy named Sam, 13, also has an Obama sticker on his jacket. He says he likes Obama’s plans to fix greenhouse gas emissions. I ask how if his views differ from his friend Griffin’s. “I have knowledge, he doesn’t,” he says.

At that point, a third child comes up and points to his shirt, covered in buttons and stickers for different candidates. “I support everyone!” he squeals.