Kucinich vs. Facebook

Dennis Kucinich has been griping non-stop – and even filed an FCC complaint – after getting shut out of tonight’s ABC News/Facebook/WMUR debate in Manchester, NH.

The organizers are allowing the top four Democratic candidates – Obama, Clinton, Edwards, and Richardson – to participate based on their performance in the Iowa caucuses. But Kucinich cries foul: “[T]he most recent data from ABC and co-sponsor Facebook show Kucinichahead of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, who was invited toparticipate.”

Which data, you ask? Among others: “Kucinich, according to Facebook’s own figures, ranks fourth in popularity among Facebook members.”

Let’s take a look at some other things Facebook members rank among their favorites, according to network stats. (Since we’re in Manchester, we’ll go with that network.)

Top Music: Sublime , Jack Johnson, Fall Out Boy , Incubus, Green Day, Nickelback, Linkin Park

Top Movies: Boondock Saints , The Notebook
Political Views: 
68% None  

Rep. Kucinich, is this really a club to which you want to belong?