Florida Matters. To Hillary.

Hillary Clinton just sent out an e-mail saying she calledObama to congratulate him on his win. Then this:

“We now turn our attention to the millions of Americans whowill make their voices heard in Florida andthe twenty-two states as well as American Samoa who will vote on February 5th.”

Clinton has been talkingabout Floridaas if it were any other primary. The reason: If people treat Floridaas a real contest—not just a beauty contest—they’ll have to treat her win in Michigan the same way.It’s a smart move, if only because her declarations that Florida matters are self-fulfilling. If shesays it matters, and convinces people to show up and vote for her, then yes, it doesmatter. And what can Obama say to rebut it? He can’t say Florida doesn’t matter. That would violate Rule No. 1 of primary campaigning: Don’t insult a state until its primary is over. The best he can dois emphasize the importance of delegates rather than states – a flimsy-sounding case now, but one that will sound a lot more cogent if Super Tuesday doesn’t produce a clear winner.