Clinton Video Blitz

In the days before Super Tuesday, campaign strategy gets complicated .Apparently Hillary’s plan, at least in part, is to make a bunch of really weirdvideos.

The first is an ad called ” Freefall ,” the main visualmotif of which is a body hurtling through the sky. If Rudy Giuliani had doneit, people would be accusing him of exploiting 9/11 imagery. That might be astretch in Hillary’s case, but it’s still slightly discomfiting, even as ametaphor for the economy.

The campaign has also posted a VH1 Behind the Music spoof called ” Hillary and the Band ,”presumably aimed at college kids. The joke: Hillary was once in a band, but shequit to run for president. The acting isn’t bad, and it could have worked asa straight-faced parody. But then they go and undermine the premise: “Okay. MaybeHillary doesn’t shred. But she will: Make College Affordable. FightGlobal Warming. End the War.” As usual, it was fun until the message part.