Breaking the “Truce”

FLORENCE, S.C. – No matter how many “truces” the Clintons and Barack Obama call, no one seems willing to concede the last shot.

At tonight’s rally, Obama rattled off his usual litany of defensive parries. He said he never praised Ronald Reagan, but that he wanted to create “Obama Republicans,” just as there were Reagan Democrats. He joked about e-mails alleging he’s a Muslim. He recounted pledging allegiance to the flag since he was 4 years old. As in the past few weeks, he dedicated much of the speech to defense.

But then Obama unwrapped a new slam, fresh from the speechwriters’ pen, no more than a couple days old: “If you get the war wrong, and you get health care wrong, it’s not a question of being ready on Day One,” he said, borrowing Hillary’s favorite line. “It’s a question of being right on Day One.”

Just goes to show that when it comes to unprovoked attacks, no one is innocent. What’s a truce when you’ve got a zinger like that?