A Fringer’s Revenge

Dr. Mark Klein, whom we profiled in our Fringe series , is still running for president. He’s just boycotting Iowa. I found this comment on the Des Moines Register ‘s website :

Openly cheated by the Iowa GOP I urge all Republicans to boycott thecaucuses. The current system is like how the Soviets controlled ballotaccess to “approved” candidates. The caucuses are about lining thepockets of party officials, local lawyers, flacks, community leadersand consultants. I got into trouble because my campaign was selffinanced and relied on volunteers. When I won Polk County Chairman’sTed Sporer’s online straw poll with 52% (Romney got 14%), the partyfreaked. No way could the hacks fill their pockets with gold with Dr.Klein on the loose. So my name was permanently removed from the poll,refused a ballot line at Ames, and denied access to party functions anddebates. Left Iowa several weeks ago to campaign in New Hampshire wherethe ballot is open to candidates who just pay a $1000 fee.