The Next President’s Statement on Bhutto

Shortly after Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, nearly all the candidates released statements condemning the murder. Most of their language was strikingly similar, so we mashed up their quotes to provide the ultimate statement from the next American president to the people of Pakistan. The quotes belong to the names that follow them.  

Like her father before her, Benazir Bhutto worked her whole life—and gave her life—to help Pakistan become a democratic, secular and modern Muslim country ( Biden ). Mrs. Bhutto’s concern for her country, and her family, propelled her to risk her life on behalf of the Pakistani people ( Clinton ).

There are, in Pakistan, brave individuals who seek to lead their country away from extremism and instability and into the light of a better day. America, I believe, must do all we can to support them ( McCain ). We join with them in mourning her loss, and stand with them in their quest for democracy and against the terrorists who threaten the common security of the world ( Obama ). 

Her death is a reminder that terrorism anywhere—whether in New York, London, Tel-Aviv or Rawalpndi—is an enemy of freedom ( Giuliani ). America must show its commitment to stand with all moderate forces across the Islamic world and together face the defining challenge of our generation—the struggle against violent, radical jihadists ( Romney ).

At this critical time we must do everything in our power to help Pakistan continue the path toward democracy and full elections. Our first priority must be to ensure stability in this critical nuclear state ( Dodd ). The United States must change its policy direction in the region. It must stop adding fuel to the fire ( Kucinich ). 

At this critical moment, America must convey both strength and principle ( Edwards ). President Bush should press Musharraf to step aside, and a broad-based coalition government, consisting of all the democratic parties, should be formed immediately. Until this happens, we should suspend military aid to the Pakistani government ( Richardson ).

The terrible violence surrounding Pakistan’s upcoming election stands in stark contrast to the peaceful transition of power that we embrace in our country through our Constitution ( Huckabee ).