The Blimp Who Stole Christmas

Ron Paul supporters, sometimes referred to as Paulites or,less endearingly, Paultards , are known for their prolific blog comments. (Conservativeblog RedState practically ignited the aPaulcalypse by banning them from itsboards.) Here’s one comment about the Ron Paul blimp spotted on the Daily Paul:

I pledged… we are SO close…. WE (grassroots) makeIMPOSSIBLE things happen…. talk about bypassing the media blackout!!!!!

I’m in for the Teaparty as well.

I explained to my family….. that THIS Christmas is NOTabout presents under the tree (well maybe a few!).

This Christmas …………is about taking back our Countryand watching/laughing at the media trying to ignore the elephant in the room! [Emphasis added]

So this person gave to the Ron Paul blimp instead of his own children. First they want to abolish the postal service … now Christmas???