Poll Noise

It’s poll-a-palooza out there today. Some highlights from the CNN/WMUR ( Dems’ PDF ; GOP’s PDF ) poll in New Hampshire.

  • Rudy Giuliani has stalled in New Hampshire and hasn’t broken the 20-point barrier since early November. McCain, meanwhile, is gently on the rise in second place.
  • In June 2007 the war in Iraq was the most important issue for 36 percent of voters. Now it’s the most important issue for 13 percent. 31 percent of Democrats say Iraq is most important, tied with health care. Illegal immigration and homeland security are both more important than Iraq for Republicans.
  • Granite State residents trust Giuliani and McCain to do the best job when dealing with terrorism, but Romney to best handle illegal immigration, taxes, and the economy. Romney is also most trusted on abortion.
  • Romney’s support is skewed towards college-educated, richer residents. McCain’s towards high-school educated, poorer New Hampshire citizens.
  • 22 percent of New Hampshire Republicans have definitely decided who to vote for. 31 percent of Democrats have decided.
  • 60 percent of undeclared voters say they’ll vote in the Democratic primary

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