Krauthammer on Washburn

Here was Charles Krauthammer weighing in yesterday on moderator Carolyn Washburn’s performance:

“That was not just the worst debate of 2007, that was the worst debatein western history, and that includes the ancient Greeks. There was norecord in any major European record of a debate this transcendently andcrushingly dull. It was an astonishment. The best line of the day wasFred [Barnes] in commenting after the debate where he said themoderator was Nurse Ratched. This moderator had the candidatesshackled, handcuffed, and gagged with these absurd 15-second responses,30 second responses. … [S]he had taken the major issues of anyinterest—Iraq and immigration—off the table at the beginning and neverasked about the NIE or Iran or proliferation or interrogation— anythingon our minds today.”

He should have seen today’s …

[ Via Politico]