Karma Watch: Hillary’s Ice Storm

Introducing “Karma Watch,” an occasional series examining the karmic ups and downs of the presidential candidates. Journalists aren’t in the business of reading tea leaves, but sometimes it’s hard not to notice patterns …

On Friday, a man claiming to have a bomb strapped to his chest took several Clinton campaign workers hostage in Rochester, N.H.

On Saturday, ice storms ripped through the Northern U.S., forcing Hillary to phone in to an event in Iowa where she was supposed to appear.

On Sunday, a Des Moines Register poll showed Clinton trailing Obama in Iowa by three points–the first time Obama has taken the lead there. The senator from New York has since stepped up her attacks on the newly strengthened challenger.

On Monday, the Clinton campaign’s press charter plane filled with smoke on the tarmac in Mason City, Iowa. Clinton was on her way to an event at Buddy Holly Place , where the musician last played before his fatal plane crash.