Karma Watch: Dennis Kucinich’s Blessed Love Life

Earlier this week, we examined signs that Hillary Clinton’s karmic tank appears to be running low. Now we know where all that good fortune went: right into Dennis Kucinich’s life.

According to today’s marvelous Washington Post profile of Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth, the couple’s relationship has been blessed from the start. A few choice pieces of evidence:

  • [A lovelorn Dennis Kucinich asks Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar how to find love.] “And his response was, ‘Stop looking and then she will appear,’ ” Dennis says. “And I said, OK, I’m going to stop looking.’ I said that. And that afternoon—”
    “I walked through the office door,” Elizabeth finishes.
  • “It was about 7:30 at night and I was just sending a message out to the universe saying, ‘Where is this woman? If there’s anything to be done here, I need a sign.’ ”
    And at that moment—”
    “At that exact moment, I get an e-mail.”
  • Elizabeth looked down at her ring and realized that the silver design inscribed on her blue opal, which had previously looked like just an abstract pattern of triangles, was in fact—if one looked hard enough—two K’s, back to back.
    “Kucinich and Kucinich,” she says. “I thought, ‘OK! So I bought myself my own engagement ring!’ ”
  • Their days are filled with these sorts of moments, as when they go out for Chinese food and the fortune in Dennis’ cookie tells him he has “integrity and consistency.” (“Isn’t that amazing?” Elizabeth says.) And then they turn the fortune over, and Dennis’ Chinese word is hat , and amazingly, Elizabeth just bought a hat before lunch.

It’s like all the luck that could have gone into his presidential run has instead been transferred to his romantic life. The opposite of Rudy Giuliani!