Is Anyone Electable?

Have you heard the watchword of the day? It’s electability . Both Hillary and Obama hosted conference calls on the subject. Meanwhile, the latest CBS/ New York Times poll found that none of the GOP candidates are “viewed favorably by even half the Republican electorate.”

The question of electability—a candidate’s chances of success in the general election—has been raised about every candidate in the race. So, is anyone electable? The answer is no. Here’s why:

Mike Huckabee: No foreign policy experience. Depth of his ignorance will emerge. (Already botched questions about Iran, gays, and AIDS.) Fair tax plan is a fat target. Top Democrats see Huckabee as an ” easy kill .” And that name! As Dan Bartlett said : “Huckabee? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Rudy Giuliani: Post-convention, the scandal dragon awakens. You thought accounting-gate was bad. Wait for his other mayoral records to emerge. Nor will Kerik’s indictment go away Personal life will start to matter. Against a family man, he’s dead meat. Watch his daughter endorse Obama, again .

Mitt Romney: Flip-flops will haunt him. Former pro-choice stance might have helped—but not now that he’s changed it. Same with support for gay rights. Even if he sneaks his Mormonism past the primaries, it could still hurt him in the general.

Fred Thompson: Zzzz zz zzzzz z zzzz zz zzz zzzzzzzzzzz. Zzz? Z zzz zzzz z zzzzz! *Cough* Zzzzz …

John McCain: Doesn’t have the stamina. Can’t hold his own against a younger opponent. Maverick streak of 2000 is gone. And if the Iraq war goes south again, he’ll go south with it.

Hillary Clinton: Bill Clinton: an oppo researcher’s wet dream. Plus, she’s got high negative ratings nationwide.

Barack Obama: Republicans will chew him up on experience. Debates will be puppy vs. pit bull. Closet racists will screw him in the voting booth. Oh, and the cocaine.

John Edwards: Did he get elected in 2004? Exactly.

Joe Biden: With a words spoken/foot-in-mouth ratio of about 20/1, Biden would sink himself and the entire Democratic party. Not gonna happen.

Bill Richardson:  His Iraq withdrawal plan is foolhardy. He’s overly touchy. And say what you will, he looks like he stopped losing weight a while ago.

Ron Paul: If the country embraces the gold standard, Congress abolishes the IRS, and we decide we don’t need an education department, then yes, Ron Paul is electable.