Huckabeeisms: The Hunt

Any time Mike Huckabee has a gun in his hand, it’s a good bet he’ll say something quote-worthy. The Huckster has a penchant for semi-morbid quips (he’s even said he speaks in “Huckabese”), and yesterday’s pheasant-hunt photo-op was the perfect opportunity to unleash a new one. But journalists are beginning to trip over themselves in their search for the money quote.

Ever since the press has gotten used to Huckabee’s half-quip, half-stump speaking style, they’ve been trying to coax campaign-damaging jokes out of Huckabee. The strategy has yielded mixed results.

As CBS news reports , when Huckabee was asked how shooting birds is a metaphor for the campaign, he said, “Don’t get in my way.” Threatening, vaguely morbid, alludes to Republican opponents: 7 out of 10 on the Huckabese scale.

Then, desperation started to set in. Somebody said, “Governor, you haven’t made one Dick Cheney joke.”   Huckabee threw her a bone, “I really do want to survive all the way through to the deal here.” Stokes the ” Huckabee hates Bush narrative ,” reminds us he’s quick on his feet, but is child’s play compared with The Daily Show : 4 out of 10 .

At some point Huckabee tired of the journalists’ pleas. As he stood over the dead birds , one woman asked, “Do they have names? Like Romney, Thompson … ?” Huck said, “I’ll let you guys decide that. I would never be so coarse and crude as to do something that would be insensitive. I’m a sensitive guy.” Party pooper: 0 out of 10 .