Don’t Go Changin’

Last time we checked, Ron Paul was a Republican dark horsewho let his grassroots supporters run his campaign for him . But now Paul isstarting to act more and more like a traditional candidate. A timeline of thepast week: 

  • Tuesday, December 4 - Word gets out that Ron Paul blitzed South Carolina with a direct mailing that doesn’t mention his anti-Iraq stance.
  • Wednesday, December 5 - Paul’s campaign sends a news release that says religion shouldn’t be an issue that dogs Mitt Romney’s candidacy. “Gov. Romney should be judged fairly, on his record and his character, not on the church he attends.”
  • Friday, December 7 - Another release goes around, this time taking gentle aim at Hillary Clinton for her stance at ending the foreclosure crisis. “Only Dr. Paul has the expertise to explain why we must reject further political intervention into the housing market, such as that advocated by Hillary Clinton.”

What does next week hold in store? An attack ad on MikeHuckabee? Pandering to the religious right?

Ah, who am I kidding? The existence of a Ron Paul blimp totally disproves my thesis.