Deflating Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is in for an icy day in Iowa, but not because of the weather.

First comes word that Huckabee had no idea that the new National Intelligence Estimate was released on Monday. For Huckabee, this reaffirms one of his chief weaknesses: That he doesn’t know what he’s doing in foreign affairs. I’ve heard of the fog of the campaign trail, but did a staffer not think to give Huck a heads up? Because this fundamentally alters the way candidates approach their Iran policy, this is a more grievous gaffe than John Edwards not knowing about the “General Betray Us” ad.

Even worse for Huck, the  Huffington Post fronts an exclusive report on his role in securing the release of a convicted rapist, Wayne Dumond, while governor of Arkansas. Huckabee has always claimed he had no reason to believe Dumond would rape again. But Huffington’s report includes letters sent by Dumond’s rape victims warning Huckabee that they thought Dumond would rape again. Once released, Dumond allegedly went on to rape and murder two more women. This has been a simmering issue on the campaign trail, and his opponents would be wise to lead any attacks with this news.

Let’s not forget that these allegations swirl as Mitt Romney asks the Iowa attorney general to look into pro-Huckabee push polls in Iowa. This amounts to one hell of a buzzkill for Huckabee as his poll numbers continue to take off. Look for the media, who may have become self-conscious for falling in love with Huckabee, to turn on him as quickly as they propped him up.

Mike, that guy who sings “Bad Day” is standing by. Let us know if you need him to fly to Iowa.