Compare and Contrast

Quick response round-up. Question: Realistically, what can you accomplish in your first year as president? You have thirty seconds …

Giuliani: Make sure the country is secure against terrorists. End illegal immigration. Major tax reduction. Reduce size of federal government. Move toward energy independence.  

Duncan Hunter: Strengthen U.S. military. Also strengthen the border (build fence). Bring back our industrial base from Communist China.

Ron Paul: End the war. No more preemptive war.

Tom Tancredo: Free Ronaldson Compienne. (Who? [ UPDATE: Border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean , a reader informs me. Gracias!] ) Secure the border.

Thompson: Tell the truth. (Wouldn’t take a year.) Tell them we’re bankrupting next generation. 

Romney: I’d do more than talk. Strategy to overwhelm global jihad. End growth in entitlements and federal spending. Get on track to energy independence. Health insurance for every American.

Huckabee: Bring country together. End partisan warfare. We need a president of all the United States.  

McCain: Make America safe: “This is a military, diplomatic, and cyberspace challenge.” Restore trust in government.

Keyes: Restore sovereignty of American people. Sign pro-life executive order. Abolish income tax. Establish national border guard.