Coming Soon: John Edwards

A few weeks ago, we pointed out how one Obama ad looked more like a theatrical trailer than a political spot. Well, John Edwards has upped the ante. Today, he released an actual trailer , complete with soaring strings, cymbal crashes, and a narrator who voices movie trailers for a living. You’ll recognize him instantly:

“In a world where corn grows tall and hope grows taller … where people have a special power to decided the fate of a nation … one man can clean up George Bush’s mess.”

That man is George DelHoyo , who you may know from Fox ads, car commercials, and the trailers for Shark Tale , The Polar Express , and Happy Feet . He also does commercials in Spanish (listen here )—something Edwards might consider using in Florida (if that were allowed) or California. Apparently, DelHoyo is himself an Edwards supporter and has been doing campaign events in Iowa. Between him and Kevin Bacon , the Edwards campaign might as well shoot a biopic.

The trailer gimmick is smart, in that it gets to be cheesy and overdramatic—everything a political ad needs—while still making fun of itself: “On Jan. 3 … a candidate will rise … a party will unite … and a nation will be redeemed.” It’s like, they’re joking—but also not. By the end of the trailer, once DelHoyo and the orchestra have worked the Edwards worship into a lather, a dinky voice comes out of the void: “I’m John Edwards and I approve this message.”

The question now is, which campaign will snap up Don LaFontaine ?