Clichéd. Overused. Predictable.

Rudy Giuliani has a new tagline : “Tested. Ready. Now.” It’s hard to hear that and not think of, you know, every single other tagline to come out of this race so far. Let’s take a look at some of the other 2008 campaign slogans and themes. Can you spot the similarities?

Mitt Romney:
Strong. New. Leadership.
Change Begins With Us.

Mike Huckabee:
“Faith. Family. Freedom.”

Fred Thompson:
Security, United, and Prosperity .”
United In Our Core Beliefs .”

Ron Paul:
Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace .”

John McCain:
“Straight Talk Express.”
No Surrender .”

Barack Obama:
Hope and Change
Judgment and Experience .”
Change we can believe in .”
Fire it up! Ready to go!

Bill Richardson:
Change and Experience .”

Hillary Clinton:
Let the conversation begin .”
Ready for Change, Ready to Lead .”
Turn up the heat!

J ohn Edwards:
Two Americas .”
Building One America .”

Still available: “Change, Judgment, Experience, Tested, Ready, Now, to Lead, America, Peace.”