The medal for best political anagram of the 2008 election is ripe for the picking. (That throne has has been empty since the abdication of H. Ross Perot – aka “Short Poser” – and, before him, Spiro Agnew – or, “Grow A Penis.”)

In keeping with the tradition begun by our colleague Timothy Noah (aka “Ho, a Tiny Moth!”), we ran the candidates’ names through’s Anagram Server  and came up with these gems for each presidential hopeful (aka “Spiteful Headline Pro.”) Where there were slim pickings, we cheated and added a middle initial.


Tom Tancredo “Not Democrat” “Mottoed Narc”
Duncan Hunter “Uncharted Nun” “Nude Narc Hunt”
Mitt Romney “Memory Tint” “Mime, Not Try”
John S. McCain “No Cinch Jams”
Fred Thompson “Morphed Fonts” “Depths of Norm”
Rudy Giuliani “Gaudily I Ruin”
Mike D. Huckabee “Beaked Emu Hick” “Emcee Bud Khaki”
Ron Paul “Our Plan” “Oral Pun”

Hillary Clinton “Chilly Lion Rant” “Tranny Chill Oil”
Barack H. Obama “Macho Bark: Baa”
John Reid Edwards “Red’s Wonder Jihad” “Nerd Jihad Dowers”
Bill Richardson “Shrill Bard Icon” “Brain Chill Rods”
Joe Biden “Be Joined”
Christopher Dodd “Ditch Herds, Droop” “Torched Dish Drop”
Dennis Kucinich “Chick Undies Inn” “Nine-Inch Dick, U.S.”
Mike Gravel “Me: Viral Keg” “A Veg Milker”

Got a better anagram for one of the candidates? Email us .