Candagrams: The Reader Submissions

After we posted a series of

anagrams for each of thepresidential candidates

yesterday, several reader wrote in with their ownsubmissions – most of them far superior to what’s Anagram Server

could produce. (Score one for humanity.)

James Kushner (“Jerk Has Menus”) points out that, before H.Ross Perot, we had a real gem in Ronald Wilson Reagan ("Insane AngloWarlord”), and after him George Walker Bush ("We Go Berserk.Laugh!”).

Benjamin Holt (“Lent Him Banjo”) suggests for Rudy Giuliani:”I, urinal id guy.”  

Tariq Alvi, whose lack of a ‘u’ to accompany his ‘q’ has defeated Wordsmith, suggests the following: 

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton = Non-Chill, Harm Adroitly
  • Barack Hussein Obama  = Beam, aka Brash Cousin
  • Willard Mitt Romney = Weird Man To Try Mill

Zach Sherwin (“Hazers Winch”), a Boston based comic, posted this anagram-themed rap on YouTube a few weeks ago.

The winner of the official user submitted Candagram contest(prize: a new hobby), is Benjamin T. Kallen (“Belt ‘em, lank ninja!”), whoproduced these.  

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton = Hi, darn ol’ chilly matron!
  • Barack Hussein Obama = Run amok, ace! Bash bias!  
  • Willard Mitt Romney = Wry lad, no term limit
  • John Sidney McCain = Join in, chancy Dems!
  • Fred DaltonThompson = Heft! Drop tons, old man!

We are, as always, humbled. Think you can top it? Email us .