Bhutto and 2008

Slate ‘s John Dickerson has a new item up about how the assassination of Benazir Bhutto is impacting the presidential race. A quick excerpt:

To the extent that unpredictable news about the dangerous state of theworld helps anyone, it helps the “safe candidates” (Clinton, McCain,and Rudy) rather than the untested, roll-of-the-dice candidates (Obamaand Huckabee).

Pakistan has already been an issue in the Democratic primary because,remember, Obama took a controversial stand on taking military action inPakistan whether the leaders of the country liked it or not. HillaryClinton has been making the explicit pitch on the stump that voters cannever know what a president will face, and therefore, they should electa person who will be ready on Day One. …

On the Republican side, Rudy was the first out with a statement (the terrorist attack meshed perfectly with his new ad ).McCain’s response was to go a-boasting: “In my numerous visits toPakistan—to Islamabad, to Peshawar, even to tribal areas ofWaziristan—I have seen first hand the many challenges that face thepolitical leadership there.” If he had more money, he’d probably run anad showing his passport stamps.

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