Yay, Kids Sort of Matter!

Remember that Iowa City ordinance that would ban 19- and 20-year-olds fromhanging out in bars after 10 p.m.? The one that was going to mobilize all the young ‘uns to register to vote against it and thus increase the youthturnout at the caucuses in January and thus swing Iowa toward Obama?

Well, itdidn’t pass . As predicted, college students voted in record numbers tooppose the ordinance, which would have driven much of the University of Iowa’snight life out of bars and into dorms and houses. Of the Iowa City residents who voted before electionday—about half of the total voters—63 percent were ages 18-24. The booze-loving,Obama-supporting youth of America have spoken!

Now if only they were going to be around for the Jan. 3caucuses. Too bad they don’t take absentee ballots.