Whose Facts Are Factier?

The Obama-Clinton Enemy at the Gates -style sniper showdown escalates today, as Barack Obama unveils ” Fact Check ,” a site dedicated to rebutting attacks and setting his record straight. It’s similar to Hillary’s ” Fact Hub ,” which she unveiled earlier this month, only Obama’s has a special section dedicated to refuting “Rumors & Smears.” (Examples: “Obama Is Not And Has Never Been a Muslim;” “Obama Is a Patriot Who Loves His Flag and His Country.”) Whereas campaigns used to trade vollies in the form of obviously biased press releases, now they can do the same thing behind a thin veil of purported objectivity!

On the bright side, the two sites provide front row seats to the daily propaganda war. Check out a few of the current flaps playing out:

  • On Social Security: Hillary blasts Obama for shifting his stance. Obama upbraids Hillary for contradicting her husband.
  • On NAFTA: Hillary tweaks Obama for misquoting her. Obama clarifies his record of opposing the free trade deal.
  • On personal records: Hillary bombs Obama for keeping his papers under wraps. Obama defends his commitment to transparency. 
  • On Health Care: Hillary slams Obama for claiming that his plan insures everyone. … Obama has yet to respond. Get on it!