The Television Thing

An upcoming issue of TV Guide has an amusing roundup of the 2008 presidential candidates’ favorite television shows. Nothing too surprising here: Hillary watches Grey’s Anatomy , Barack Obama likes The Wire (for the record, that’s the right answer ), and John Edwards says his viewing guilty pleasure is “Fred Thompson on Law & Order .”

But the collection is hardly comprehensive. We decided to make a few calls and fill in the cracks:

Mike Gravel likes the History Channel and Turner Movie Classics, according to a spokesman. Although Gravel, he says, “doesn’t watch a lot of TV.”

Ron Paul, according to spokesman Jesse Benton, “really only watches the news.”

Tom Tancredo watches “nothing in particular. He really likes the History Channel, though,” says spokesman Alan Moore.

“I’ve never seen Duncan [Hunter] watch TV,” says a volunteer who works in the California congressman’s office.

You can sort of see why TV Guide left them out.