The Great Blog Crisis, Continued

You may remember our item last month about the

drought of campaign blog names

. We rounded up all the names that have been taken—variations on “trail,” “political,” “bus,” “ballot”—and then listed all the names that are still available. It was only a matter of time, we figured, before someone would have to draw from that list.

Friends, that day has come. First we saw




, then the

New Republic


The Stump

. Now, via, meet the new blog on the sphere:


. (We’d predicted “Stump’d”—close enough.) It’s a write-in column in which former

Los Angeles Times

editor Andres Martinez answers readers’ questions about the presidential campaign. In his first column, he offers up a highly scientific formula to determine whether you should vote for Hillary or not. In fairness, the name is sort of perfect. But we still reserve the right to give Stumped a wedgie for unoriginality. Note to the

Dubuque Telegraph Herald

: “Stumpy” is still available.

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