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The Barry Bonds Indictment

On Nov. 15, all-time home-run-hitting record holder * Barry Bonds was indicted in U.S. District Court. Bonds’ troubles began in 2003, when he was employing his childhood friend Greg Anderson as his trainer. According to the (PDF)  indictment (below and on the following nine pages), Anderson would personally ferry Bonds’ “biological specimens” to the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative(BALCO) and later pick up the “analysis results” (Page 2). While at BALCO, Anderson would obtain anabolic steroids to distribute to various athlete clients. 

Bonds was called as a witness in a 2003 grand jury investigation of BALCO’s activities. In immunized testimony (Page 2), the San Francisco Giants left fielder stated (Pages 3 through 9) that Anderson never provided or administered to him any illegal performance enhancers. Bonds’ answers to questions about Anderson’s steroid delivery ranged from “Not that I know of” (Page 3) to “No, No, no, no, not at all. Not at all” (Page 8). But in July 2005, Anderson, along with BALCO President Victor Conte, pleaded guilty to money laundering and steroid distribution. Anderson served three months in jail for his part in the scheme. 

As the prosecution’s BALCO investigation has widened, various athletes have come under scrutiny. Some, such as Olympic track star  Marion Jones, have pleaded guilty to using steroids. Although Bonds is widely suspected of ”bulking up,” he is charged not with doping but with perjury and obstruction of justice. According to Bonds’ indictment, his 2003 sworn testimony was “intentionally evasive, false and misleading” (Page 10). Bonds’ contract with the Giants was not renewed this year when the season ended. If convicted of the charges, the 42-year-old hitter could serve as many as 30 years in jail.

* The ball hit in Bonds’$2 756th home run will be sent to the Baseball Hall of Fame with an asterisk stamped on it to indicate many fans’ suspicions that the record was achieved with chemical assistance.

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