Streisand Supports Obama, Edwards, Dodd

Barbra Streisand threw her vocal chords behind Hillary Clinton today, a not-so-surprising endorsement for the long-time Democratic activist. Streisand sang at Bill Clinton’s inaugural gala and dedicated a song to 42 and Hill. Most interesting, though, is that Streisand donated $2,300 to not only Clinton, but also Barack Obama and John Edwards. (She also tossed a grand into Chris Dodd’s coffer.)

Can you imagine if Oprah had donated to Hillary’s campaign? Chuck Norris to Mitt Romney’s? That Desperate Housewives guy to Bill Richardson’s?

Meanwhile, does this mean Hillary Clinton’s theme song might change from Celine Dion’s “You and I” to Babs’ “The Way We Were” ? Probably not. Lyrics like “static pictures of the smiles we left behind; smiles we gave to one another of the way we were” would make her sound like she’s running to reinstate the Clinton era–and the campaign is careful to “Stay Away” from that message. Zing!