Mitt Romney Owns, Is a PC

Silicon Valley nerd blog TechCrunch has an


with Mitt Romney hitting on a few subjects you’re not likely to hear at the debates: Internet taxes, HB1 visas (an issue that affects tech businesses that hire workers overseas), venture capital taxes, and renewable energy. Romney doesn’t say anything revolutionary—have you heard he opposes taxes?—but he does offer this little tidbit at the end:

MA [interviewer]: … Governor Romney, Mac or PC?

MR: I have a PC. My sons have a Mac and swear by it, but I have a couple PC’s.

He didn’t say whether they’re located in his frontal lobe or if they operate remotely. Hot-cha! More:

MA: Do you have an iPod?

MR: I do.

MA: Of course you have an IPod! What’s on it? What are you listening to right now, what sort of albums have you downloaded or listened to?

MR: What I typically download is country music as well as 1960’s music. I’m a baby boomer, so the Beatles and the Stones and some of the old groups from the 1960’s are my favorites, I listen to them and I listen to country. I might have some inspirational music as well, but those are the highlights for me.

Romney’s candor gave us an idea. In the spirit of transparency, we hereby challenge the other presidential candidates to release their iPod playlists. If voters have the right to know which donors have the candidates’ ears, they certainly have the right to know which bands do. Is Tupac’s “Changes” blasting on the campaign bus? Or is it “Power to the People”? Perhaps the Beatles’ “Tax Man”? Please send song lists here .