Just Give Up

Is Duncan Hunter even trying any more? Examples A, B, and C:

  • His home page has “60 second Daily Updates” that purport to be daily podcasts of what’s happening in the Hunter campaign. The date above the play button changes every day, but the content does not. The feature hasn’t been updated since October.
  • The “Iowa Virtual Headquarters” page has a countdown timer that says it’s counting down to the Iowa caucuses. Unfortunately, it’s counting down to the wrong date. The Iowa GOP is holding its caucus on Jan. 3, not Jan. 15. Unsurprisingly, New Hampshire’s countdown is also incorrect.
  • The “Bloggers for Hunter” page is empty. As in, there are no bloggers who support Duncan Hunter. Don’t worry, it’s “Coming Soon !!”

Not to be harsh, but when you can’t keep track of the primary calendar, it’s time to wave the white flag.