It’s Not Over

More evidence that Hillary’s stumble over drivers’ licensesfor illegal immigrants isn’t going away: Rudy Giuliani said this morningthat he phoned two members of Congress, Rep. Peter King and Rep. Pete Sessions,and “asked them to consider introducing legislation to prevent states fromgiving licenses to illegal immigrants.”

“I never thought of [Hillary] as a federalist before,” Giulianisaid. “This is one area where federalism is not the answer.”

Presumably this will give Giuliani some ammunition to keeptweaking Hillary. Even if the legislation never materializes, he can now say he has acted on his conviction, rather thanjust spouting off from the sidelines. It also makes her evasion look even more stark: She kept saying that she can’t say what she would do because she’s notgovernor of New York.Well, neither is Rudy, but that’s not stopping him from weighing in.