Fred Thompson’s Kids Not Quite Old Enough for Buckshot

Spotted in an AP story about Fred Thompson’s visit to a gun store in Bristol, N.H.:

“I used to have my own skeet shoot,” Thompson boasted as he wandered through the gun shop and bought his children gifts . “Some of my opponents, you know, have a bad record or no records. I have a solid record. … I’m not embarrassed to remind anybody of it.” [emphasis added]

Baby’s first AK-47? A flak jacket with matching booties? Not exactly, says Thompson spokesman Jeff Sadowsky: “He got Hayden some winter gloves and Sammy a T-shirt. … I believe it was a camo T-shirt.”

Still—a gun store? Surely there was some charming antique shop or Mom and Pop toy outlet just around the corner. Either way, best to save the 12-gauge for next year.