Edwards Is a Meanie!

John Edwards is determined to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the Democratic nominee. So determined, it seems, that he’s willing to risk his own candidacy. 

The Edwards campaign unveiled a new Web site today that scolds Hillary’s camp for its question-planting shenanigans . includes such biting content as “Top 10 Questions Plants Should Never Ask Hillary,” including, “Why do you defend lobbyists?” and “How can you change Washington when you keep defending a broken system?” Take note, Wolf Blitzer.

Edwards’ Web zingers are the latest evidence that he doesn’t mind being the bad guy. Let’s review Edwards’ naughty behavior over the past two and a half weeks: 

  • An aggressive debate performance in Philadelphia, where he out-attacked Barack Obama after the Illinois senator had promised to make clearer distinctions between himself and Clinton.
  • The release of his instant classic ” Politics of Parsing ” Web video, a brilliant portrayal of Clinton’s flip-flops.
  • He refused to say whether he’d support Clinton in the general election if she became the Democratic nominee.

Obviously, this is all politics. But these are attacks you expect to see from the GOP side. (Oh, wait, that already exists , too.) This is still the primary, where Iowa voters (supposedly) don’t like to see such intraparty sniping and nominees are supposed to emerge with the backing of their party. Edwards continues to load his opponents with ammo, but how does he know his strategy won’t backfire?

UPDATE Nov. 16 4:10 p.m.: Marc Ambinder has the scoop on why is no longer.