Defeated Optimism [UPDATED with correction]

UPDATE 3:15 p.m.: I have to retract this entire post, which was wholly inaccurate. The Edwards campaign called me to rightfully inform me that the question in the conference call was about whether Hillary Clinton’s support had peaked in Iowa and the rest of the country. They then responded that the “Clinton machine is very formidable, and that’s what it is.” I misheard the question.

I deeply regret the error. You can find full audio of the call here .

The original post, in strikethrough, is below: 

During a conference call with the Edwards campaign thismorning a reporter asked an innocuous question: Does the campaign think Edwards’support has peaked in Iowa?

Five seconds of silence followed. Finally, an Edwards staffer piped up. “Look, the Clinton machine is very formidable,and that’s what it is.”

Way to be confident, guys.