CNN’s ‘hit job’

The lead story (as of 4:30 p.m.) on has a headline that seems like a veiled insult at, its web-journalism competitor. Referring to Politico’s agenda-setting story on Giuliani’s questionable expense allocations after trips to the Hamptons, the story’s headline reads, “Giuliani: Web site report a ‘hit job’”

Guys, that’s pretty Web 0.0 of you. Sure the story originally appeared on a web site, but if Congress wasn’t out of town, it would have been published  in Politico’s print edition, as well . (Politico suspends its hard-copy daily when Congress is in recess.) To refer to it as a “web site report” rather than something like the  “questionable expense report” or the “Hampton flap” only makes the story sound illegitimate. I understand it was probably unintentional, but it’s an interesting glimpse into CNN’s psyche, nonetheless.