Candid Camera, DNC Edition

The Democratic National Committee wants another “macaca” moment, bad. So bad, in fact, that it launched a new site today, Flipper TV , which compiles footage of the GOP front-runners on the campaign trail.

Here’s how it works, in theory: Web-savvy Democrats comb hours of raw footage, discover telling or embarrassing moments the media missed, mash them up into digestible YouTubes, and unleash them upon unsuspecting Republicans. In theory.

In execution, I see problems. First of all, the footage comes from DNC trackers—people paid to follow candidates and film their every move. If they watch an event and then upload the footage, how are they not going to spot key moments? (Not to mention the media—most of the events on the site are public.) Second, the footage is crap. Wobbly cameras, grainy sound, and, more often than not, some guy’s giant head obstructing the view. And third, who in their right mind is going to sift through hour after hour of shoddy, home video detritus in hopes of finding the gold nugget everyone else overlooked? If someone needs embarrassing shots of Mitt Romney, he’s not going to find it in a video of the Ames straw poll .

Don’t get me wrong, open sourcing raw footage is a great idea. Just look at the glorious results of Romney’s create your own ad contest . And it never hurts to make extra B-roll footage available. But if it’s gotcha moments the DNC is expecting, they’re in for disappointment. More likely, they’ll end up with a lot of Democratic supporters being forced to watch hours of Fred Thompson praising tax cuts.