Trailhead and the Politics of Hope

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In political news,this email from Clinton’s chief strategist Mark Penn just arrived:

Losing ground in thepolls, Senator Obama announced over the weekend that he will abandonthe politics of hope and attack Hillary in tonight’s debate. Senator Edwards,who rose to prominence in 2004 by eschewing attacks on other Democrats,formally announced last night that he is going to attack Senator Clinton’scharacter.

Considering that both SenatorsObama and Edwards made their names by pledging to be positive, the last thingone would have expected was for either of them to go out and announce withpride that they were now going to go negative on a fellow Democrat.  It’sunprecedented in my experience.

Of course, Hillary will not hesitateto set the record straight on the issues that opponents raise about her. But as we move deeper into the Fall we are seeing the clear contoursemerge:

One candidate is defining the”politics of hope” while the others are abandoning them.

Want to guess which one?

We’re certainly looking forward to this evening’s debate.