The Immigrant Gadfly

Tom Tancredo has announced he’s quitting politics—congressional politics.

The Colorado congressman announced today that he will not seek another term after his expires in 2008. You’dthink this would mean Tancredo wants to focus on his efforts to grabthe Republican presidential nod. But instead, his spokesman said hisdecision was partly based on wanting to spend more time with hisgrandkids.

Last time we checked, somebody doesn’t run forpresident to spend more time with his grandkids. If Tancredo wants outso badly, then why is he still in it?

It may have to do with hisother reason for leaving Congress: He thinks he’s accomplished all hecan on the immigration issue inside of the Capitol. Whereas he feels hecan pass the hard-line-immigration baton to other House members, hedoesn’t see any other presidential candidates who share hisanti-immigrant vigor. Tancredo is willing to sully his political legacyto enforce America’s borders.

Last week, Tancredo offered MittRomney a deal: If the Red Sox lost the World Series, Romney would haveto bow out of the race. But if the Rockies lost, Tancredo would dropout. If only Romney had accepted, Tancredo would have said Adios to both of his campaigns today.