Bush Cabinet Quiz, Part 3

The White House fixes two erroneous entries on its Cabinet Web page but creates a new one.

Hallelujah! Seven days after I first pointed out that the official White House Cabinet Web page misidentified the current secretaries of Agriculture and Veterans Affairs—two errors that, I’m sorry to report, showed up Oct. 2 in my “Bush Cabinet Quiz” and were hastily corrected the following day—the White House Web master has been roused from slumber to sub in the appropriate acting secretaries. But in his (or her) haste to correct the Web page, this person somehow reappointed Alberto Gonzales attorney general (his last day at Justice was Sept. 14). I’m pretty sure that the last time I looked at this page, Gonzales’ smiling face had been replaced with that of acting attorney general Peter D. Keisler. Now Keisler’s puss has been subbed out, and replaced with that of Gonzales. Woe unto us all if Gonzales has pulled a Larry Craig and changed his mind about resigning, but I’m pretty sure this is a matter of somebody pushing the wrong button.

Will the last person to leave the Bush White House please remember to kill the lights?