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Jack Shafer keeps tabs on the media mogul.

Murdoch’s Metastasizing Migraine: New phone-hacking-scandal evidence surfaces.” Posted Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011.

Murdoch’s Enemies: The wrong and the right reasons for hating the media mogul.” Posted Wednesday, July 20, 2011.

Who Framed the Murdochs? Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch pretend they’re the victims of unscrupulous employees.” Posted Tuesday, July 19, 2011.

Release the Lachlan! And the Elisabeth! How Murdoch will get out of this jam.” Posted Friday, July 15, 2011.

Murdoch To Buy the Daily Prophet: The dark lord of media has his eyes on a magical property.”Posted Monday, July 11, 2011.


Rupert Murdoch, Paper Tiger:The phone-hacking scandal undoes the media mogul.” Posted Friday, July 8, 2011.

Murdoch Pulls the Ultimate ‘Reverse Ferret’: The real meaning of the News of the World closure.”Posted Thursday, July 7, 2011.


Rupert Murdoch, Film Noir Villain: And Nick Davies as the hard-boiled hero in The Big Phone Hacker.”  Posted Wednesday, July 6, 2011.

Rupert Murdoch Meets His Ahab: Nick Davies and the Guardian spear the media mogul.” Posted Tuesday, July 5, 2011.

Beck Off: Rupert Murdoch and Fox News mark the depths to which even they will no longer descend.” Posted Friday, July 1, 2011.

The Day Rupert Murdoch Turned 80: Chronicle of a birthday foretold.” Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Murdoch’s Daily Show: Rupert Murdoch has the money to make his tablet publication, The Daily, succeed. Does he have the patience?” Posted Feb. 2, 2011.


Why the U.K. Media Deserve Rupert Murdoch: Somebody has to teach them how to compete.” Posted Oct. 15, 2010.

Rupert in Orbit: U.K. regulators should let Murdoch buy the rest of satellite broadcaster BSkyB.” Posted Sept. 21, 2010.

Murdoch’s Watergate: The U.K. phone-hacking scandal will undo the media mogul.” Posted Sept. 15, 2010.

Team Murdoch on Ethics: Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World lectures the New York Times.” Posted Sept. 4, 2010.

Sympathy for Rupert Murdoch: In defense of his company’s $1 million contribution to the Republican Governors Association.” Posted Aug. 18, 2010.


Murdoch’s Disastrous Triumph: How Rupert Murdoch won the Wall Street Journal and lost billions in the process.” Posted June 1, 2010.

Attention Must Be Paid to Rupert Murdoch! Why he’s launching a “Greater New York” section of the Wall Street Journal.” Posted April 26, 2010.


Read Between the Lies: What’s behind Rupert Murdoch’s trash-talking of Google?” Posted Nov. 10, 2009.

Murdoch’s News of the World Steps in It: The press mogul’s U.K. tabloid goes on a crime spree.” Posted July 9, 2009.

Reunderstanding Rupert Murdoch: Michael Wolff’s new biography accepts the mogul on his own sordid terms.” Posted Dec. 1, 2008.


Rupert Murdoch and the Reverse Ferret: Explaining the mogul’s flattering treatment of Barack Obama in the New York Post.” Posted Nov. 17, 2008.

What Does Rupert Murdoch Want?: Former Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Paul Steiger hasn’t a clue.” Posted July 25, 2008.

Is the Journal Getting … Better?: Despite Murdoch (or maybe because of Murdoch), it’s on a tear.” Posted Friday, June 13, 2008.


Let Murdoch Be Murdoch: Abolish the powerless Wall Street Journal Special Committee.” Posted April 30, 2008.

Rupert Murdoch’s Favorite Lie: As long as he insists on telling it, I’ll keep calling it out.” Posted Thursday, April 24, 2008.


Don Corleone Murdoch?: In which Newsweek alleges that Norm Pearlstine and John Huey kissed the godfather’s ring.” Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008.

Rupert Murdoch Is Not the Antichrist: Proof revealed at Georgetown University.” Posted Wednesday, April 2, 2008.

Bloggy Monday: Murdoch gets beat; a Portfolio blog item mysteriously vanishes; and do TV minutes matter?” Posted Monday, March 24, 2008.

Murdoch Minion Spikes Review of Murdoch Book: Anticipatory compliance at the Far Eastern Economic Review.” Posted Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008.

The Political Re-Education of Rupert Murdoch: A new book by the mogul’s former right-hand man in China tells nearly all.” Posted Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008.


A Test for the Murdoch Street Journal: How will it cover a new book alleging Rupert Murdoch’s kowtowing to the Chinese?” Posted Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008.

Reading the Murdoch Street Journal: Where is the rotten old bastard taking his latest acquisition?” Posted Friday, Jan. 4, 2008.

In Defense of Rupert Murdoch: A brief word in support of the genocidal tyrant.” Posted Friday, Oct. 26, 2007.

Rupert Murdoch, Closet Liberal: Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes outs his boss as a Republican-hater.” Posted Monday, Oct. 8, 2007.


The Rupert Murdoch Film Festival (Transcript): Hollywood’s view of the global media baron.” Posted Sept. 26, 2007.


Rupert Murdoch Film Fest: The media baron everyone loves to hate has been an endless source of fascination and inspiration for filmmakers.” (Slate V) Posted Sept. 25, 2007.


Why the WSJ Exodus Is Good for Murdoch: Three additional Wall Street Journal journalists quit.” Posted Friday, Sept. 14, 2007.

Murdoch Journal Watch—New York Post Edition.” Posted Aug. 17, 2007.

The Murdoch Journal Watch: Having bagged his trophy, how long will it take Rupert to bugger it?” Posted Tuesday, July 31, 2007.

Homer Simpson Has What the Bancrofts Want: Editorial independence.” Posted Friday, July 13, 2007.

Composing Murdoch’s Disclosure: It’s almost as long as the Manhattan telephone book.” Posted Wednesday, July 11, 2007.

Murdoch: The Filth and the Fury: How Low He’ll Stoop.” Posted Friday, June 22, 2007.

If the Peach Stole the Journal Cream: What if the Financial Times raided Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal newsroom?” Posted June 5, 2007.


More Murdoch Malefaction: The Bancrofts can’t possibly trust this guy with the Wall Street Journal.” Posted June 1, 2007.

Can Murdoch Pass the Stink Test? Assessing the mogul against the standards of the Dow Jones code of conduct.” Posted May 29, 2007.

Murdoch Lies to the Financial Times: Do we really want this guy owning the Wall Street Journal?” Posted May 24, 2007.

Meet Mrs. Murdoch: Who had a critical profile of Rupert’s wife, Wendi Deng, spiked?” Posted May 10, 2007.

Eight More Reasons To Distrust Murdoch: The man has a terrible track record, you know.” Posted May 8, 2007.

The Murdoch Street Journal: Not for me, thanks.” Posted May 7, 2007.